Chemicals for our World

Speciality Fertilizers

Specialty Coatings


Outsourced Chemical Product Development


  • Paints & Coatings

    Solvent Blends Solar Reflective Coatings.

  • Paper Industry

    Gloss, Brightness & Burst Strength enhancers.

  • Packaging

    Solvents and Adhesives.

  • Agriculture

    Specialized Fertilizers, Soil Conditioners, Organic Solutions.

About Us

XChemika is a team of professionals with a passion for innovative solutions. With strong experience & technical knowledge in Industrial Chemicals we strive to provide our customers to develop new chemical products, extend existing product line and optimize costs. Our diverse backgrounds & flexible working methadology has strong emphasis on delivering quality.

The Team

XChemika is led by a team of Chemical Engineers & Business Graduates with thorough and versatile experience of Local & International Chemical Business.

The aim of the team is to stand out as a major specialized chemical solution provider for local & international businesses.


  • Office address

    44/1 E Block Sui Northern Officers Co Operative Society, Lahore Cantt

  • Phone

    +92 333 4567397

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